History of medicine

The mainstream medicine(modern medicine) we use today was called the "allopathic medicine" and it was rejected by physicians due to many side effects. Therefore it was adopted by alternative medicine advocates and called the alternative medicine. Only recent when the petrochemical industry leaded by Rockefeller took over the global dominance of medicine and other industries. The definitions were changed and today everything else that is not the "allopathic medicine"(modern medicine) is viewed upon as alternative medicine.

In the early half of the 20th century, petrochemical giants organized a coup on the medical research facilities, hospitals and universities. The Rockefeller family sponsored research and donated sums to universities and medical schools which had drug based research. They further extended this policy to foreign universities and medical schools where research was drug based through their "International Education Board". Establishments and research which were were not drug based were refused funding and soon dissolved in favour of the lucrative pharmaceutical industry
The oil monopoly created a medical monopoly financially by shaping education and medical institutions. This was a
complete take over the international medical community and education system. Because these institutions taught their students exactly what the oil monopoly controlled by Rockefeller wanted.

Today we know how dangerous the chemical drugs are. as example there is a landmark article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) on April 15, 1998 entitled, "Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients", evaluated serious and fatal adverse drug reactions (ADR)s in U.S. hospitals. The study revealed that in 1994, ADRs accounted for 2,216,000 serious events and 106,000 hospital deaths. [12] According to a 2003 comprehensive study of medical peer-review journals and government health statistics, there are an additional 199,000 fatal ADR outpatient deaths in the U.S. annually. [13], [14] According to the study, there are approximately 783,936 iatrogenic (medically induced) deaths every year in the U.S. Furthermore, the actual figure is estimated to be much higher, as only a fraction (between 5% and 20%) of iatrogenic acts are ever reported. For further reading go to

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