Saturday, 20 April 2013

"It is time for change"
I am sharing the knowledge I have gained from deep studies in life and hope that this will help everyone to live a better life. On this blog I will be publishing cures to all known diseases. If you can not find solution for your problem feel free to contact me.

The current situation:
It is very sad as most people are schooled to believe from early childhood that the chemicals that one can buy at the pharmacy actually works and can cure you. However this is far from the truth, as the many chemicals work as placebo with a lot of side effects. Other chemicals are synthetic copies of natural compounds also with side effects.
A fun fact is that most people start getting well on the way to the doctor long time before any pills are taken. This is because the idea that the doctors are the ones that heals us is imprinted in our minds from the day we were children. Even though the medical establishment officially has neglected the enormous power of belief, it has been a knowledge for some time. Why it has not been brought more to attention is hard to say. One thing is for sure: if people knew more about the power of their minds many pharmaceutical companies would not exist.

Power of placebo:
The term placebo is derived from the Latin verb ‘placare’, ‘ to please’. The American anaesthetist Henry K. Beecher (1955) coined the term ‘ placebo effect’. He reported that, on average, about a third of patients with a range of conditions improved when they were given placebos. This subsequently led to the development of placebo-controlled trials.
In other words when people get pills containing no drug but are informed that this is the drug that give a particular experience are placebo pills. In far too many cases the difference between people who get the placebo and the ones who get the chemical drug are very similar.
A very recent meta-analysis of 19 antidepressant drug trials revealed that the “placebo effect” on average accounted for 75% of the effect of real drugs”. M. Enserink (1999) “Can the Placebo Be the Cure?”, Science, 284, 238.

How much do you really know about your mind's ability to influence your body? How far have you pushed your mind?
Yes, most of you out there know just how powerful your mind is but have you used it as a tool for healing? A savior for your health? I know these are pretty big words but when you consider the countless stories of people curing the incurable, terminal illnesses disappearing, and rapid recovery from all sorts of ailments using just the mind, it's hard not to call your mind your #1 healer.
While most of you just love going to the doctor's and paying those hefty fees for consultations and pharmaceutical drugs, consider this: A pain-free life, where you are so in tune with your body you know you're going to be sick before it happens. You know exactly how to stop it, heal it, and prevent it.

Power of your mind:

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